Customer for 10+ years! February 2017
I wanted to leave the following feedback but it was too long :) I would still like you to know what your product has done for me and how grateful I am! Below is my full review. Thank you for 10+ years of outstanding products and customer service!
"I have used Mineral Silk since my first pregnancy in 2007! I read that mineral makeup was the safest makeup that expectant mothers could use. I read it in a very popular book that tells you what to expect when expecting your first child... I went on a hunt to find the best quality mineral makeup that would be the safest and contain as little unnecessary ingredients as possible. That is when I found Mineral Silk! The owner was prepared to back up her claims, ensure that the product was safe, and was committed to quality control. You may wonder, "If this makeup is so great, then why isn't it being sold mainstream; in department stores?" When you choose to sell your products in department stores you give up a lot of freedom! You give up the ability to maintain quality control and lets be honest, with mass orders, you must outsource your labor and settle for ingredients that are cheaper. You have less of a say as to what goes into your product in order to fill large shipments.
The owner of this company makes all of her products. She chooses the ingredients and creates them in small batches. In doing so, she is able to maintain quality and ensure that her products are created in a way that she finds exceptional. This particular mineral makeup does not contain fillers. I can tell you first hand that the product you receive, while it isn't mainstream and featured on infomercials; contains the highest quality pigments and it will last much longer than the competition. I purchase this particular product 3 times a year! A little goes a long way and it out lasts it's competition. I can not even begin to count the number of compliments that I have received on my complexion over the years. People often tell me I haven't aged since high school! With that being said, this makeup will not turn back the clock. It is not and doesn't claim to be, an anti aging product. But, the way it lays on the skin is very natural. And it doesn't cake like a lot of makeup. As we get older we have a lot more to "hide" as far as fine lines and imperfections go. So the logical thought process is to start using heavier coverage. With Mineral silk, that is not necessary and that is not how the product works. I use the same amount that I used 10 years ago! I was a little worried about adding things like "Bye-Bye- Under Eye" because I didn't want to cake on makeup. But with mineral makeup, one works in thin layers by blending.
I am very proud to be a 10+ year user of Mineral Silk. If I have an issue, I speak directly to the person who hand made my batch of makeup. De is like family! When my oldest daughter is ready to use makeup, I will happily order her, her very first kit. And I will do so with the knowledge that I am giving her the highest quality makeup I can purchase. In all of the years I have been with Mineral Silk, it just keeps getting better! I don't have to worry about the discontinuation of my foundation, reduction in quality, or difficulty trying to get outstanding customer service, if an issue were to ever arise! I also don't have to worry about breakouts or allergic reactions. Because since I have been a customer of Mineral Silk, my skin has transformed. I have very, very sensitive skin!!! I mean, I'm allergic to everything, kind of skin! I might as well be allergic to air! That is how bad it is! This is the only makeup that I have found that does the trick and doesn't break my skin out or clog pores. It comes off when I am ready to take it off. And it stays put as long as I want it to! This makup has stood the test of time! It is the highest quality makeup money can buy, and at a very reasonable price! Friends, you save money when you purchase quality! And you are purchasing the highest quality products when you choose Mineral Silk!"
Kindest regards,
Testimonial by: Mindy

Bringing Out My Natural Beauty! March 2015

De, Thank you for the shipping update. I know I have told you before, but your make-up is top notch! I have used it since I was pregnant with my first child. I found it to be way safer than and a more natural match than Bare Minerals. And after almost 8 years of use I trust it so much I will one day give it to my daughter Madelyn when she is old enough. I have to tell you that my youngest daughter Olivia (just turned 5) said, "Mommy, you wear make up. And my friends Mommies wear make up too. But your face just looks pretty. Why does some of the other Mommies make up look loud... and (she whispers) orange?". I told her I use a special type of make-up that is not loud. Of course I told her never to say that someone has loud or orange make-up because it might hurt their feelings. But what a sweet compliment. Your make-up brings out natural beauty instead of trying to create it!
Thank you,
Testimonial By: Mindy

I swayed and now Im back! October 2014
Just for your information....have been trying other products lately just to see if any better. Although they all look good in the beginning, yours is the only one that looks good at the end of the day. Tried Bare Minerals (both liquid and powder) and It cosmetics. So yours is still my fave.
Testimonial By: Irene

Creme Foundation is the Best! October 2014
I'm in LOVE with this foundation- it's practically the only thing that doesn't irritate my hypersensitive and reactive skin, and also looks great too. Being a makeup artist myself and a makeup junkie it was very depressing not being able to wear makeup without consequences for my skin when I developed problems with my skin, until I found this holy grail product!! I'm a lifetime customer :)
But- I'm also a total perfectionist when it comes to makeup and nothing peeves me more than foundation that doesn't quite match! I currently mix shades 2 and 3 and the 2 is more the right undertone, but much too light, and the 3 is just very pink for me. I also have rosacea so a more yellow undertone would be great to camouflage my redness in addition to the Bye Bye Under Eye.
I understand that you must be extremely busy and can't always accommodate personal requests. But being in the industry I am already singing the praises of your products to colleagues and I know they would be interested in trying it out and I know they'll be hooked too once they do. I also network a lot on social media with other artists and could get you some publicity that way too. I myself would buy every color you make to have for my kit! Over the years I've accumulated dozens of different formulas of foundation that I use on clients, but I'd like to throw it all away and just exclusively use your products. All that other stuff is just pure chemicals. I love that I know I can use your formulas of foundation on any skin type or issue and it won't irritate and look flawless at the same time. It's so natural looking but still covers well, and lasts great throughout the day. I can't say enough good things about this formula, and more colors would make it an A++++.
So in the future if you were planning on making some more shades- hopefully some darker shades for ethnic clients and also shades with more yellow/golden undertones, it would be so amazing. Love your products and thank you so much for making them with the care that you do.
Testimonial By: Kelsey
We mixed up a new color and Kelsey now uses Creme4 - Natural as her base!

No Bismuth! July 2013
De, One of the best things about your makeup, and a big reason I tried Mineral Silk in the first place, is that you don't use Bismuth! I used a well known name brand mineral makeup for years, but could never understand, if the makeup was "all natural" and supposedly "healthy" for my skin, why was I was breaking out whenever I put it on, or why it irritated existing breakouts.
I did a few hours of research and came to the conclusion that Bismuth might have been a contributing factor.
When I read that Mineral Silk doesn't use it, I took a leap of faith and placed an order. I have been using your products for a few years now, and while I still have the occasional breakout, my makeup is no longer the culprit behind them, nor does it make it worse!
If only people were as concerned with the ingredients used in the products they put on their face as they are with the ingredients in the food they buy, I think they might be amazed at the difference.
Thank you for providing us with a real alternative to the nasty chemicals and ingredients normally found in mainstream makeup products.
Testimonial By: Courtney M.

Happy Customer! June 28, 2012
I just to let you know that just Love Mineral Silk! I just had to write you a quick note to tell you I'm in awe of your mineral foundation. I have tried SO many different brands it makes my head spin, but NONE have given me the beautiful silky finish and softened my fine lines like yours does. I love the feel of my skin when I put on the foundation. I've only ordered the sample packs so far and just from that I can see how incredible your foundation is. I'm having fun deciding on which color matches my slightly tan summer skin, so I can order a full size. I have half a container of another brand and started searching for something else because they just increased their price and now it's out of my price range. Now I'm glad they did that, otherwise I probably wouldn't have found you. Also, I don't even want to finish the container because yours is so much better. Thank you for all your hard work, you made a happy customer, Gail
Testimonial By: Gail

Looks Good even the Next Morning! April 2 , 2012
De, I've been ordering your makeup for years and it's the best! I tell everyone who is using mineral makeup to try your products - especially those who are having skin issues with it -- I'm like it's the bismuth -- try mineral silks. I love seeing the new colors -- maybe some more matte eye shadows for us older folks? a magical color to hide eye lid droop, perhaps? I dated a guy for six months who - until I said I needed time to 'fix my face' thought I didn't wear any makeup at all. Hey this stuff still looks good in the morning -- just sayin!! Your customer service is beyond excellent. Love your products!!
Testimonial By: Jodi

Lip Yummies are really Yummy! April 28, 2012
De, As we were driving thru Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, I introduced my husband to Lip Yummies Lemon flavor. Not only were our lips saved from being chapped or plainly just dried out, My husband loved the scent and taste. We used it so much I have just re-ordered two more. One for him and one for me. Thanks for a great product.
Testimonial By: Linda

Greetings from the UK Mineral Silk fans! July11, 2011
Since receiving my Mineral Silk foundations 2 months ago I am now an absolute devotee and will be telling all of my friends here in the UK that use Bare Minerals to move on to Mineral Silk. I never used to have bad skin but after a few years of working abroad in Africa and Italy in the hot sun it caused damage to my sensitive pale skin and 3 months after I returned to Britain I started having breakouts which erupted into acne and my face and body suddenly became sensitive to almost every product under the sun! (Sorry no pun intended.) Bare Minerals seemed to be working for me, it covered my spots without too much clogging and I thought that the minerals would be helping it until I read up about bismuth oxychloride (hissss!!) I now steer clear of any product with this ingredient in and in 2 months have not had one of the hideous monster on my face that would pop up every other week especially around my time of the month. So thank you for making a product that is clean, healing and works! Its so hard to know what you're buying these days when it comes to ingredients. I have read loads of horror stories now about people reacting to skincare and cosmetics products and it has really opened my eyes to the evil in skin care and cosmetics companies - especially commercial household names that are not looking after their customers best interests and include toxic chemicals and damaging ingredients just because they are cheap and easily available. De you are the opposite of all this and on behalf of Mineral Silk users WORLWIDE - we LOVE you xxxx
Gemma, West Sussex, UK

Calming Skin Care - Great Minerals! March, 2011
Dear De, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order of skin care products today and used them for the first time tonight. What a joy! For the first time in ages, and I'm 63, my face feels calm. That may sound funny, but that's the word I would use to describe the absence of prickling and itching that so many moisturizers cause. It's like my face said, "Ahh, that's better". I searched the web to find mineral foundations w/o bismuth, tried some of your samples and liked them very much. But the Soothing Milk Cleanser, repair serum and Hibiscus and Rosehip lotion have made me a fan forever! Thank you, also, for the very competitive pricing. I've used Jane Iredale and Bare Escentuals. They are very fine products, but the one is too expensive and the other has bismuth which makes my skin prickle when I get warm. Your minerals do just as fine a job, don't irritate and are very reasonably priced. As I searched your site I learned that you have recently lost your husband. Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss and my admiration for the way you have continued with your business. That takes a great deal of courage and strength. If you will allow me, I would like to pray for you and your family. Blessings,

BEST Makeup Award goes to Mineral Silk! March, 2011
You have GREAT products! With sensitive skin, Mineral Makeup is by far the best decision I've made but I've tried a number of different brands and can never seem to get the color just right. It's been nearly impossible finding the shade that really works well with my skin -- too yellow, too light, doesn't look natural, too "shiny", etc, etc. So after receiving your samples, I actually combined two of your shades and it's like a second skin. Offering one of each of the "tones" is absolutely the best idea because I would have never picked the shade(s) that actually work. So it worked out perfectly. As far as your "Eraser" product, that stuff is incredible. I honestly have never tried a product that really (and truly) does what it says...but that stuff will cover (nearly) anything! Incredible! And De, thanks for having incredible customer service. Believe me, it's a rarity nowadays and I'm the type to frequent a site or purchase exclusively just for great customer service. Needless to say, I'll be back.....for the products and for the service!
Testimonial By: Heather

LOVE, Mineral Silk! April 29, 2011
I just to let you know that just Love Mineral Silk! I am 72 and have used not a lot but several different kinds of make up. And they all felt like grit and junk on my face. But not Mineral Silk! You do not feel anything. It is just great. The best there is. Thank you. Louella
Testimonial By: Louella

Feeling Beautiful! Friday 05 February, 2010
I wanted to let you know how good your mineral silk foundation is under challenging circumstances. This past fall I had the common fortune of being diagnosed with breast cancer - caught early, small, type 1, etc., so no worries. But I decided to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at it. And that included chemotherapy. Four rounds and I shaved my head within two weeks of round one. Couldn't stand the idea of it falling out strand by strand. Anyway, the challenge I speak of is using makeup with no hair. (I tried on a wig and decided to pass.) Without a hairline, any difference in tone between my face and scalp would be obvious. And thanks to your products (Eraser for undereye circles and Hazelnut foundation for my face) you couldn't tell I was wearing makeup. I also used the flat synthetic brush (really nice, by the way) and charcoal eye shadow as a smudged eyeliner to carry me through as my lashes disappeared. I want thank you personally for making my last four months better than they would have been otherwise. I may not have always felt the greatest but I looked as good as possible. And trust me, that meant a LOT! Kind regards, Jane
Testimonial By: Jane

My Rosacea is so much better! Friday 29 January, 2010
De: I have to give you another compliment on your products. I had a pretty bad case of rosacea and decided to just start using your products exclusively and not mix them with (other products) to see if that would help my rosacea go away. Guess what! It worked. My rosacea is so much better. I've been using either the jojoba cleanser or milk cleanser with the rose water toner and then using either the vitamin C lotion or hibiscus lotion every day. Plus I have been using the various masques on the weekends. Great results. It's almost hard to believe really. But that is the only thing I have done differently!!! Thanks again! Lori
Testimonial By: Lori

Lip Yummies Balm Thursday 28 January, 2010
De, I just wanted to tell you that I did a little experiment with your lip yummies lip balm. (I have the cranberry one). I was using the regular brand chap stick for my lips and it was not working well overnight for my chapped lips. It kind of worked but they would still stay a little chapped. Then the next night I used lip yummies and my lips were 100% better! I went back to chapstick to test it and same bad results. The last few nights I have used lip yummies and they are no longer chapped! You have an excellent product! Thank you! -Jennifer
Testimonial By: Jennifer

LOVE Mineral Silk Friday 22 January, 2010
I LOVE Mineral Silk! Since I switched from Bare Minerals, I have had NO breakouts, NO "Rosacea flare-ups," NO itchy eyelids! I've told all my friends who use mineral powders with bismuth oxychloride and many have taken this to heart. Mary
Testimonial By: Mary

Love the Compliments! Sunday 03 January, 2010
De, I finally used all of your products as a whole. The only things I did not have is eye shadows (yet). I thus was forced to use some made by a company with the initials BM. It was the first time that my niece has ever spontaneously told me that I looked great. She said I was looking better than I ever have. Thank you sooooo much. It was your products that did it. All except the smile. My other niece has said for years that I have a smile that makes other people smile back at me. Thanks for getting my order out so fast. I am already getting my next order ready for as soon as I get some more money. Happy New Year and may the next year be 10 times as good as this last one was. Susan
Testimonial By: Susan

Tuesday 08 December, 2009
De, Just to let you know, my order arrived late this evening (we have had a big snow storm coming thru the last 2 days, you should be getting it soon in MN). I love these little containers. Are these the ones the eye shadows come in? Or are they bigger than these? I'm going to start playing with them in the morning. Thanks for the VERY quick processing and the shipment. I only placed my order last Thursday and today is Monday. WOW!! I'll get back to you after I've played with them and add my reviews to the others. After just looking at them, I can already tell that they look to be a finer powder than BE and Sheer Cover and much better than e.l.f. and the colors are great. Thanks. Susan
Testimonial By: Susan

Thursday 03 December, 2009
Wow - thanks for the informative news email on the ingredients in mineral makeups - as one who is chemically sensitive, this is unbelievable. I found, after many years of using natural based cleansers, that they were actually causing a lot of irritation to my face - even some natural ingredients can be a problem and when I looked at those lists in your email - just how many things could they combine into one product??? Wow. thanks for keeping your product basic - it seems to be doing quite well for me and most can't even tell I where makeup - just get complements on how great my skin looks! Torre
Testimonial By: Torre

Rosacea and Senstive Skin Sunday 01 November, 2009
I've been wanting to email you and let you know how much I love my Mineral Silk foundation. I placed my first order last March, and I've been so pleased! I have rosacea and really sensitive skin made worse by menopause, and every liquid foundation I've tried has, at best, worked for only a short time before it starts irritating my face. Mineral Silk actually makes my face feel better! Last June I was thinking about ordering a darker color for the summer, and your email arrived about adding a little blush (Terra Cotta) to a foundation color to match a tan. What a great idea! I did it just like you said in the newsletter, and I'm still using it. I ordered another tiny bottle of Terra Cotta today just to make sure my darker foundation lasts as long as my summer tan. Thanks again for your help, and for all the great information. Sheilah
Testimonial By: Sheilah

Love the Facial Setting Spritz Friday 30 October, 2009
Wow, I just got my newest shipment from you in the mail yesterday - and I ALREADY love the facial setting spritz!! Now I don't have to worry about using a moisturizer before I do my makeup - since I have such a horrible problem with over-oily skin. Also, I noticed that when I spritzed again after putting minerals on, how tightly they seemed to form to my face - I NEVER had used a spritz after putting on my minerals. Does it help it stay in place better? It sure feels like it would! I can't believe nobody had ever suggested I try that sooner :) And your blemish buster cleanser - WOW did my face feel SOOOOOOOFT after using that last night. I used my make-up remover from Neutrogena to get all of my make up off first, then I cleansed with that - and then I hydrated with the spritz, and then put some retinol on my face... and I felt like a baby's buttcheek! Lovely! :)
Testimonial By: Shelly

Having Fun Playing! Monday 28 September, 2009
I just want to say that I just tried your makeup not to long ago from a friend. Ive never been the type to wear much makeup, especially since I'm currently located in Iraq. the products I ordered from your website were sent home to wait for me there. I'm 20 years old and still discovering the look I want to achieve. I get use to being a soldier every day, that sometimes it just feels good to put on a little something and feel like a woman. Thank you for the updates and makeup that's actually good for your skin. Brittany
Testimonial By: Brittany

Tuesday 08 September, 2009
Hi, De. The burnt red lipstick is absolutely perfect! It looks like a lip stain, but it is not drying at all. I also love that I can decide either to wear it alone for a natural matte look or dab a lil gloss over it for an evening look. I'm kind of picky with lipsticks, usually nudes are too blah, and reds are too overpowering for me. But this one is PERFECT. The Vitamin C lotion was another great addition. My skin is acne prone and I use peelings to keep it under control. The lotion helps a lot in the healing process and allows me to wear your minerals, because it significantly calms itchy patches. Thank you so much for creating great (and affordable) products. Sharon
Testimonial By: Sharon

Hard to Find Mineral Color Tuesday 01 September, 2009
Hi De! I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I've enjoyed my first shipment of Mineral Silk! I was very skeptical, yet hopeful, when I purchased it. I have a skin tone that is generally ignored by make-up producers since it is not of the same tones as the general public, which is why I prefer loose powder mineral make-up - it's so much easier to customize my shades at home! So far, I think I have found almost the PERFECT mixture of your products to make my face look nice and NOT made up! Perhaps when it's 100% perfect, I'll let you know and you can have a new shade to add to the collection ;)! I couldn't even accomplish this much with other mineral make-up producers (even if I came close, I never could get an exact match no matter what I did... but a lot closer than drug or department store brands!) I love the fact that you sell samples, also! I think that makes the world of difference in SO many ways! I have noticed that I don't suffer break-outs as often, or as severely, although I have noticed that my pore size seems larger than usual on my nose area. :( I wonder if you would ever possibly look into making a healthier version of a facial gel primer or a gel pore minimizer? :) I think that would be fantastic! Thank you so much! Shelly
Testimonial By: Shelly

Excited Feedback Sunday 05 July, 2009
Hi De, My order with the sample kits came the other day. I just wanted to tell you I'm absolutely thrilled with your products! Being in a wheelchair and 55, I'd frankly given up wearing makeup - everything made my skin break out, and it was so hard to coordinate transportation to go buy it. And then everything in the stores was so expensive, and full of toxic chemicals. But I've been trying out your sample products for the last three days. They're actually *soothing* on my face - they feel so nice! And fun to use and experiment with. My son took me shopping this morning - and actually commented on my "beautiful glow". (LOL! He said I looked "healthier than usual" ;-D) But Mineral Silk have given me such a lift! I've just ordered a bunch more items (including the repair serum!) - and a full makeup kit! After playing with the foundation samples in my first order, I discovered the foundation that blends perfectly with my skin is Cashmere. I added the rhubarb blush, because that gives me a nice soft glow - and the Amethyst eyeshadow - which also doubles beautifully as an eyeliner! (First time I've been able to wear eyeliner for years!) Next time, I'm going to try one of the lipsticks. I do my absolute best with totally classic, neutral colors that are not too light or dark. Do you think the "Jen" or the "Kate Hudson" would meet that criteria better? I've also ordered a bunch more eyeshadow samples, and when I settle on the two basic colors I use the most, I'm going to order the eyeshadow kit too. (My goodness! I haven't treated myself this much in YEARS! :-D) I'm on a very tight budget, so I really appreciated the free shipping and the very generous 20% off coupon! Now I don't even feel guilty! Thanks again for adding real fun and beauty and a great big "lift" back into my life! Marya
Testimonial By: Marya

Thursday 02 July, 2009
Hi De: Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of a beautiful 4th of July weekend! Just wanted to tell you that I tried the Java Jolt scrub this morning in my shower first thing before I had my morning cup of coffee. I loved it! It was great to smell the coffee beans first thing ! Plus my skin is now extra soft. Lori
Testimonial By: Lori

Pumpkin Pie Masque Monday 29 June, 2009
Thank you for offering such a highly effective product. Best masque I've tried, and I've tried many, many brands and my own beauty recipes! After just one use I've noticed an immediate difference in clarity and brightness to my face. Also, my skin felt so baby soft the next morning with fine lines appearing less visible-what a bonus! Will definitely keep using. Highest recommendation! PS Please do not disclose my full name or e-mail in the review, if you choose to add to your website.. Thank you, Toni
Testimonial By: Toni

Tropical Masque Friday 26 June, 2009
Hi De: I was in Mexico on a tropical vacation with friends & family last week. I have to tell you.....I took the tropical fusion masque with me to try. It was great! It felt nice and cool on my face like you said....and I noticed my skin looked and felt great afterwards. Hope you are hanging in there with the economy slump. Are things okay? Products are still great! Lori
Testimonial By: Lori

Spreading the Word! Thursday 18 June, 2009
De - I am so happy you are working on more eye shadows - I have been waiting! I would love to see more matte colors - especially a medium pink and a plumish-brownish color. The existing pinks are quite light and the shimmer makes they seem even lighter. I have done some mixing, but really would like the matter finish. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I am always excited to try your new products. I love your make-up and am slowly converting my family. So far my teenage daughter, my 79 year old mother and two of my sisters. When one said "Whatever you're doing with your make-up lately, it looks great" My response...let me tell you about Mineral Silk. When another said "I am so tired of my make-up routine. I need something new." I am taking advantage of these openings and sharing information about your line. I show them all of my products (and I have many). I help them try out a new look and they are sold! So far, each has had me log right onto the computer and help them order their new products. I am sold and so are they. My daughter previously had severe acne and any type of make-up exacerbated her condition. With medical treatment, she has cleared and has beautiful skin. Your products do not cause any break outs and only enhance her beautiful fresh face even more! I'll keep spreading the good news and look forward to new things to come, as well as all the basics! Amy
Testimonial By: Amy

The Best of the Best Monday 01 June, 2009
Mineral makeups are not created equal and Mineral Silk Mineral Makeup is the best! I orderd samples from several different companies and was shocked at how poor the quality was in the other mineral makeups, but Mineral Silk went on smoothly, blended perfectly and gave fantastic results. Not only are your products top notch your website is one of the best user-friendly Mineral Makeup sites I've seen. I can't wait to get the full sizes and start looking my best. Tamera
Testimonial By: Tamera

Great Skin care Sunday 31 May, 2009
Hi De, I bought the Repair Serum and Vitamin C Lotion quite awhile ago and I love the products. I use them daily and have told my friends about them. I have gotten compliments on how good my skin looks. I used to be totaly sold on Mary Kay moisturizers. I have just ordered your cleansing and toning products and am confident I will like these as well. Dee
Testimonial By: Dee

Break outs from Bare Minerals Monday 11 May, 2009
I called and spoke with De after exausting all possibilites. I had laser skin resurfacing and was temporarily allergic to EVERYTHING! After trying my I.D. Bare Minerals to cover the rash I endured from all of the products I was trying I broke out even more. I remember that the Bare Minerals always made my skin look great until a couple of days of wearing it and then I would always breakout. I did some research on the ingredient that BM's used called Bismuth and noticed De's website. She was so helpful and reassuring. I love all of her products and am excited to try more. Thank you, Suzanne
Testimonial By: Suzane

My Skin looks 20yrs younger! Friday 01 May, 2009
Hi De, I know you get tons of emails, but a few weeks ago I emailed with a question about my skin, and you very quickly made a few suggestions. I implimented them right away. I love you, my skin loves you and I got mistaken for a twenty something the other day (I'm 41). And, the person wasn't asking for anything!! For the first time in decades my skin is soft and dewy looking, instead of red, irritated and flaky sore. Someone else commented on my "Obviously natural beauty" because I wasn't wearing make up (!) Thank you so much for such a great product, and for helping restore my self confidence. I tell EVERYONE about Mineral Silk. It may be simple, but it really has enhanced my quality of life! Lara
Testimonial By: Lara

"ahhhh..." sensation!! Friday 01 May, 2009
De, I just wanted to say, I have yet to make my way through the samples I bought, but my normally dry, itchy acne prone skin is healthier than ever. That tight, dry feeling has been replaced with this "ahhhh..." sensation!! At 40 I was sick of the proverbial pimples and wrinkles! Now the acne is no longer and the wrinkles are well disguised with your products. Along with more physical comfort, I have increased confidence that comes with truly putting my best face forward. I had been thinking of expensive lazer treatments for my redness, but Mineralsilk has not only given me a way to disguise the red, but also seems to have lessened it by being such a nourishing make up. Thank you so much... I'll be placing another order very soon! Lara
Testimonial By: Lara

Works Great after a Chemical Peel Monday 20 April, 2009
De, I am so excited about my mineral make up. I had a medical grade chemical peel on Thursday. When the peeling started and I had to leave the house - all I simply did was mix my mineral silk foundation with my lotion the doctor gave me! It was amazing!! I did not have to reapply one time all day!! That is probably my most favorite attribute of silk minerals, no touch up at all through the day and lasting coverage! I also tested mixing it with my prescribed sunscreen and it worked!! It was enough cover to subdue the redness, but not drying at all. I used some 'eraser' for the areas that were more red due to scaring and I could not believe how a 'powder' could cover like that! I will never return to liquid foundations! I am telling everyone I know about Mineral Silk minerals! Deborah
Testimonial By: Deborah

No Auto Delivery Sunday 19 April, 2009
Just got info about another mineral makeup from a friend...Glow.com I think...tells you that you can have a free sample but then does the scam of trying to bill you $90 for a kit in a month so if you don't read the very small print you are screwed. Lots of them do that on TV too and also do not give ingredients etc. That is why yours is the best. You do what you say you will do...you have cheap trial containers and you tell people exactly what is in them for allergies. I hate those ones that try to get you hooked into a monthly delivery and you can't get out of it...they must be very insecure to try that trick...I am telling all my friends about yours as they tried the others and now are writing the better business bureau etc. and still can't get out of these contracts...that is insane...and gives mineral makeup a bad name. Thanks for making a good product and being honest. Irene
Testimonial By: Irene

Love the longlasting minerals Wednesday 08 April, 2009
Thanks for this coupon De! It was time for me to restock my mineral makeup and the savings came in handy. I bet you were wondering if I would ever place another order. These minerals just last a long time and it's very economical. I placed a big order and even got myself a new concealer brush which I've been wanting for a long time. I also made sure to reorder my favorite "sweet tea" that you created for me. I just love all your products. The next time there is a coupon I'm going to try some new eyeshadows and maybe a couple new brushes as well. I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful products that you make and for helping me look my best. Sarah
Testimonial By: Sarah

Pumpkin Masque Friday 27 March, 2009
Hi De: I tried the pumpkin mask yesterday when I finally had a few minutes. It was incredible. It was no-doubt the best mask I have ever used! Keep up the great work! Lori
Testimonial By: Lori

Love the products and service Wednesday 04 March, 2009
You have GREAT products! With sensitive skin, Mineral Makeup is by far the best decision I've made but I've tried a number of different brands and can never seem to get the color just right. It's been nearly impossible finding the shade that really works well with my skin -- too yellow, too light, doesn't look natural, too "shiny", etc, etc. So after receiving your samples, I actually combined two of your shades and it's like a second skin. Offering one of each of the "tones" is absolutely the best idea because I would have never picked the shade(s) that actually work. So it worked out perfectly. As far as your "Eraser" product, that stuff is incredible. I honestly have never tried a product that really (and truly) does what it says...but that stuff will cover (nearly) anything! Incredible! And De, thanks for having incredible customer service. Believe me, it's a rarity nowadays and I'm the type to frequent a site or purchase exclusively just for great customer service. Needless to say, I'll be back.....for the products and for the service! All the best Heather
Testimonial By: Heather

The Eraser Wednesday 04 March, 2009
De, FINALLY! the eraser really works! I have never, after spending lots of money at the makeup counter, found a concealer that actually hides my dark under eye circles and looks natural, people have noticed the difference. Thanks!
Testimonial By: theresa ferlas

Blemishes Gone Wednesday 04 March, 2009
De Hello! I've been using the Blemish Buster and the Toner and they are Fantastic! I'm 44 and the past year started breaking out with hormonal acne and never had acne before in my life! But your products clear my skin and they are gentle too and leave my skin soft. Still using the C serum with this, love this too! I don't even need a moisturizer with it. I saw your new products and as soon as I can I'm ordering more. Thanks again for the coupons and great prices and products and your fabulous customer service. I've spent alot on a product just because I thought it would work and it didn't and the products you have do work and the prices are so affordable for all of us middle class folks. It gives us a chance to have good healthy skin care. Oh would you consider creating a eye cream too? Thanks Margie
Testimonial By: Margie

Love the Bridal Kit and the Cherub Dust Wednesday 04 March, 2009
De, Thank you so much for your quick shipment of Mineral Silk! I love your product & I tell everyone I know about it. I am currently loving the finishing powder "cherub dust." I bought your bridal kit & I'm having fun practicing as I wait for my big day! Thank you so much. This is the first makeup product that I have ever worn that doesn't make me break out...actually my skin has never looked better! Thanks! All HIS, -Amy-
Testimonial By: Amy

Best Minerals for Mature Skin Tuesday 24 February, 2009
Hi, De, I have been out of town, and came home to find my order from you (thank you!), invoice *****, placed Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009. I had placed this order before I left town, and used a '20% off the total amount' discount using hearts (thank you, again!). I wanted to say that I am NOT a fan of the Mineral Makeup for the 'mature' or aging skin crowd... EXCEPT for yours... and I have tried them ALL, I assure you! My line of work very fortunately has allowed me to try (literally) every line of makeup available and I have to say that yours is among my top picks and that which I wear daily. It's a truly exceptional blend and all factors considered, with not laying in fine lines and further accentuating the signs of aging at the top of the list, I would be hard-pressed to name a better line. It is my pleasure to refer people to your Minerals when they tell me that I look so young; believe me, it's the Minerals... I am 51... so thank you! Many thanks again, Dr. Linda E.
Testimonial By: Dr. Linda E.

Best Minerals on the Market! Tuesday 24 February, 2009
I DO love your Minerals, and for every-day have even replaced air-brush makeup (I'm talking about the machine kind) with it... that's saying something since the airbrush gives an almost flawless finish. I have found NO other makeup that even comes close to that... and I was being dead serious when I told you that I have tried them all, minerals and non-minerals (I have numerous sent/given to me to try & most end up in the garbage)! Whatever you've done in your tweaking is great because I'm really picky (not just to be, but because I have to worry about the lines, dryness, hyperpigmentation, etc)... yours is non-drying and just generally fabulous... seriously! I know you're proud of your line, as you should be! I love it (the blushes, etc., too). Well, I thank you again for your kind gift and, of course, for your terrific line of Minerals... I appreciate your generosity and your taking the time to answer me so quickly. Obviously your dedication to the excellence in the standard of your line extends to your customers... thank you. Have a safe and wonderful trip and again, thanks so much! Dr.Linda E.
Testimonial By: Linda E

LOVE the products! Sunday 15 February, 2009
Thank you SO much De! Your products are absolutely fabulous!!! I ordered SEVERAL mineral samples from other companies online...and kept going back to yours! I love your Serum that i just got in the mail...under eye area already looks better...it feels SO good too. And your foundation (caramel) is a wonderful match for me!! I have bought like 3-4 sample packs...the correctors, concealers...everything is great!! love the Diamond dust for the brow bone...the 100% silk has helped my redness and skin alot! I will try the ginger foundation as a sample and will let you know how it works. Thanks SO much again for such great products and your customer service just can't be beat! Coupon specials are nice too :) ...please consider me an addicted, committed customer! Michelle
Testimonial By: Michelle

Bye Bye Bare Minerals Monday 09 February, 2009
I used to apply Bare Minerals to my face, but it looked cakey. Mineral Silk has a wonderful array of colors, and the texture of their mineral foundation is smoother, goes on smoothly and looks great. It only takes me minutes to apply all my make-up, unlike years ago when I used liquid foundations. I also love the fact that they are pure and protect my skin from sun exposure. My face looks fresh all day long, and I no longer need to blot my face mid-day or reapply if I'm going out in the evening. Plus, the minerals go a long way, even the eye shadows last me a very long time. There is only one product I've searched the web for without success, and that is an eye lash adhesive that does not contain the nasty ingredient, perfume. I bought a pair of false eyelashes years ago, and they still sit in my drawer, unopened, because I refuse to put perfume on my face, let alone so close to my eyes.
Testimonial By: Connie P.

Samples Friday 16 January, 2009
Your sample packs are great, they have allowed me to try multiple colors to get my perfect match! I absolutely love the Rasin blush color, but on my medium/fair skin it is a bit dark. Can you sugguest anything to perhaps mix with it that would not change the color but lighten the coverage a bit? Thank you for making such great products! I love everything I've tried so far and will be back when I've made more color decisions! Deborah We recommed applying a light layer of Satin Finishing Silkover any blush that is a litte too dark or overapplied to the skin! De
Testimonial By: Deborah

Skin looking Great! Friday 16 January, 2009
Hi De This is Janet from Knysna South Africa, not sure if you will remember me but towards the latter half of last year you helped with all my question about Mineral Silk and I sent you a pic. I want to thank you for the help that you gave my daughter Taryn who emailed you for help on what foundations etc I would need. Between yourself and her, you guys put together a brillant sample kit of foundations eyeshaows, powders for my Xmas present. What a lovely surprise for me. I was speechless. I love the product and have found that the Radiance and Praline are the best colour for my skin. the Caramal is a bit too light. I was going to send a pic but unforutnately our camera is broken. The colour that I really love is Radiance it (i think) is the best one. Needless to say my sample is practically finished so come end of the month I will hopefully be ordering a full size of it. I do most times start with Praline and then use my Radiance, somehow that works for me. I have not had to use the suck it up as since I have finished my course of Roaccutan my face is looking great. Yay!! The colour booster Candelight is fantastic . I love the Cherub dust, In fact I think that every sample that I have is fantastic. From the cover ups to mascara everything is just wonderful. (but then im sure you know that) Once again Thank you so much for your help towards my daughter. Kind regards Jan
Testimonial By: Jan

Former Bare Escentuals User Thursday 30 October, 2008
I'm a former Bare Escentuals user; found your website, tried some of your samples. I can't believe that the red, patchy skin around my eyebrows has disappeared! I've been fighting the itch and scaliness for three years now, and in the week since I've starting using your minerals, it has all cleared up. The samples are a wonderful idea, and the real silk powder feel like -- well -- silk on my skin. I just ordered full size products. Thanks Marjorie
Testimonial By: Marjorie

Beautiful Complexion Friday 24 October, 2008
Just to let you know, my hairdresser today said she would never believe I am the age I am and that my complexion is beautiful. So....I guess your cosmetics are doing the trick cause no one sees you closer than the hairdresser. Irene
Testimonial By: Irene

Skin Care Line it Great Friday 17 October, 2008
Hi De, My name is Jennifer and I've been your customer for a while now. I'm a huge fan of your mineral make up and have been ever since I started using it. When placing my last order, I had also decided to try the blemish buster cleanser and astringent and the ultimate face serum. I'm 26 but have had problem skin for a couple years with regular breakouts and periods of acne. I've been to the Dermatologist and tried every product on the market so needless to say, when I decided to try your skincare products, I didn't get my hopes up, but I felt compelled to let you know that I absolutely love these three gems. I've never written to commend a product before now, but I wanted to let you know that you have a great thing going and a customer for life. I just placed another order for them today and as I was doing so I decided to write to you to say thank you for such a great bunch of products! My skin has never looked or felt so good and so healthy. My boyfriend tells me that I glow. I just moved to the UK for a few months from PA and was thrilled to learn that I can have my orders shipped here. These are three products that I don't want to be without! Thank you so much! Jennifer
Testimonial By: Jennifer

No Comparison Monday 13 October, 2008
Thank you so much De for the very timely shipment of my order. As always your products exceed my expectations. You have top quality makeup, excellent prices and outstanding service. Last weekend my husband and I went shopping and they have just put a new "Bare Escentuals" store at our mall. I went in to look around because I have never been in one nor have I ever used their makeup and was curious. Their makeup was nice and they had a large selection of colors and products to choose from, but after spending a few minutes in the store sampling products I knew that their product was NOT better than yours at all and that you offer the same top notch product that they do but for a much better price! I was annoyed that their prices were about 30% more than yours! I was also comforted to know that I have you to buy my makeup from. I always call you "my makeup lady".......that's what my husband knows you as....lol. I even told the sales associate in the Bare Escentuals store about you. I couldn't help but brag about how wonderful you are. So anyway I just wanted to share with you my first and only Bare Escentuals experience. They may have the big name, but I have found the real treasure and I want to thank you for all that you do and for everything you offer your customers. You definitely have a customer for life here in Tennessee. I tell everyone about your website and recommend you all the time. I feel very blessed to have found your website. Have a great rest of the weekend. Sarah
Testimonial By: Sarah

No Itching! Friday 10 October, 2008
Just wanted to let you know that I received my make up package today. I can tell you that this is the best make up I have ever bought! For the first time in my life, I do not have dark circles under my eyes! And I do not feel itchy or greasy! This stuff is great! Kathleen
Testimonial By: Kathleen

My search is over! Friday 12 September, 2008
De, Okay I'm here to tell you my search is over! I've tried so many mineral lines the last few years, including the ever popular one we all know about. I put yours on as soon as I got it and oh my gosh the softness I have and my pores don't show. The coverage is great also! No Bismuth either and I love that I do not itch anymore. I always thought you had to have Bismuth to make it stick, but I was wrong. I was worried about the concealer too at first because the other mineral lines I used the concealer always went on thick and chalky even though I tapped it off the brush. I put yours on first and it went on so silky smooth, I was in awe, honestly. Thanks so much for the beautiful colors and the healthy makeup. Also for your great customer service and WOW my products got to me in 4 days! Don't ever change a thing! Margie
Testimonial By: Margie

Samples Saturday 30 August, 2008
Hi De, I just wanted to say, I have yet to make my way through the samples I bought, but my normally dry, itchy acne prone skin is healthier than ever. That tight, dry feeling has been replaced with this "ahhhh..." sensation!! At 40 I was sick of the proverbial pimples and wrinkles! Now the acne is no longer and the wrinkles are well disguised with your products. Along with more physical comfort, I have increased confidence that comes with truly putting my best face forward. I had been thinking of expensive laser treatments for my redness, but MineralSilk has not only given me a way to disguise the red, but also seems to have lessened it by being such a nourishing make up. Thank you so much... I'll be placing another order very soon! Lara W
Testimonial By: Lara

Best I Have Ever Tried! Thursday 10 July, 2008
Hi De - I just received my second full sized shipment based on the samples I ordered a couple of months ago.Your minerals are SO different and wonderful from ALL the others' I have tried - at least 10 different brands at this point.The coverage is perfect - good but believable.The finish is beautiful. I can layer on several concealer/primer layers, foundation, inishing color, blush and sometimes bronzer, and it never looks cakey or too powdery.If I want a more dewy look,I spritz my face with puified water or the Balance Spritz and the finish is gorgeous.Even after blotting my face in the 100 degree,high hummidity kitchen at work all day (this week),when I finally got into my car and looked in the mirror,my skin looked lovely - just lovely!I compared it to some other brands from the internet in my 10X magnifying mirror in natural daylight and yours looks PERFECT!!!!No uneven patches of powder, no magnified pores - just smooth, even color, great coverage and believable texture. BRAVO! Julia from CT.
Testimonial By: Julia

Perfect Match Thursday 10 July, 2008
I received my first order yesterday. The best mineral make up I've ever tried. Finally, the perfect color match for my skin. I am very happy with my order and spent most of this morning throwing out all my once used make up, because I wasn't happy with the shade. I love everything about my order. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Testimonial By: Laura

Products are Wonderful Thursday 12 June, 2008
Well,I received my huge array of samples in record time and am having a grand time playing with them all! I have been on a mineral makeup search for about 2 years now and have ordered many,many samples from many comapanies on the net,plus tried the nationally known brands. I have to say,every company did have at least one product that I liked so it wasn't all in vain. I was intrigued by the formulation of your makeup (my skin is sensitive and easily turns red or breaks out)plus I still wasn't really in love with anyone's line.I am finding your primers and pre-makeup powders to be exceptional and by the time I get everything on that I need to conceal/corect and suck up :) I hardly need any foundation! Because they are all tinted,and I am a fair, cool toned gal (I'm finding) the effect is beautiful before I even get to the actual foundation and finishing.I use so little of them,too.I am still trying to determine my foundation color-soft rose worked well today. The eyeshadows are glorious and can be very subtle or not-I am really having fun with Pink Diamond on my entire eyelid and then Malted or Copper Shimmer in the crease.I do what I call a 'peacock' eye by(lightly)lining my upper lid in Amythest or Millionaire and the bottom with Denim.I love the sparkle of the pink for the heat of summer (and I'm no kid), plus I work in a professional kitchen and it's still not too much,applying them all dry. The blushes are beautiful and true colors.I have found with some other lines that their blushes were too similar(on the skin)to be interesting. Your minerals are fun and sometimes surprising as the colors develope! I will be ordering full size concealers/correctors and foundation soon because I don't want to be without. I have never ordered a full sized product after trying samples from any other company,so we are doing well together,so far! I enjoy the newsletter as well. Thank you for your products and colors-I just love your clear, vibrant colors!!! Julia - Dessert Chef/Celtic Harp player/teacher in CT.
Testimonial By: Julia

Switch form bare essentials Wednesday 07 May, 2008
Thank you!! I am so glad I did a search on possible bare essential allergic reaction and came upon your site. Bare Essentials claim to be good for sensitive skin... NOT! I suffered on and off for 2 years... low and behold it was the minerals I was using. I have since tried and LOVE your product. Thank you soooo much for making it. My sensative skin indeed loves your product!! You gave me 15% off and now a free gift for Mother's Day! You can add me to your growing list of LOYAL users! Thanks De!! Laurie
Testimonial By: Laurie

Not A Makeup Person Monday 21 April, 2008
I just have to say that I have never been one to wear makeup on a regualr basis. I have very sensitive skin, and every other makeup I have ever tried has caused broke-outs before the day was over (Mary Kay, Avon, Clinique, etc). I was to the point of giving up on ever wearing makeup again, but I decided to give your mineral makeup a shot (as a last resort). I have to say, that I have worn your makeup for 3 days now and no breakouts. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, and very radiant. The girls I work with are amazed at how great I look. I am now a true believer in your makeup. Thank you very much for a makeup for those with sensitive skin. Adrian
Testimonial By: Adrian Willhoit

No More Acne Saturday 19 April, 2008
De, I am so thankful for the products you provide. I used a popular mineral makeup for years and could not figure out why I was still breaking out after turning 30. After researching the bismuth related allergies, I switched to your company. My skin is clear and smooth again. I also noticed how your product stays put better even during hot days, yet it feels light as a feather. Thank you so much for providing a superior and quality mineral-based product. Leslie-CA
Testimonial By: Leslie

FLAWLESS Saturday 19 April, 2008
Being new to mineral makeups, I have tried quite a few different brands. I LOVE Mineral Silk the best!!!! I am 45 and living in Arizona which leaves me with parched skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Most of the other brands left me looking way older than my 45 years, but not Mineral Silk. After using your entire skincare line and prep products my Mineral Silk makeup looks flawless!! My best friend noticed it immediately and began digging through my samples, which I was more than happy to share with her. Your samples are more than generous and with such a varied selection in each kit I will share the colors that are not right for my skin with all my friends. I am seriously considering a "Girl's Sleepover Party" just like when I was a younger "girl"....Mineral Silk makeovers, manicures, massages and Martini's. Well, we didn't have Martini's when we were young, just one of the many benefits of being older. Thank you for such AWESOME products and your super fast shipping. I WANT MORE!!!! I have already placed my Full Size order, can't wait to play some more. I feel just like a Teen again. Julia Mack
Testimonial By: Julia Mack

The Color is Perfect! Friday 18 April, 2008
Hi De, I received my samples, rushed upstairs, washed my face, applied moisturizer ( I used Philosophy Serum and Hope in a Jar) and started choosing colors. I have dark blue at the inner corners and under my eyes and used a tiny, tiny amount of Bye, Bye Under Eye. It was a stark yellow, but I thought continue and see what happens. I then used the Get the Red Out, cheeks, and forehead. I own horses and am outside year round, so lots of broken veins on my cheeks. The green was not as apparent as the yellow, but definitely toned down the red. I chose Radiance and applied very lightly twice, then finished with Peachy Keen blush and the Satin finishing powder. I waited ten minutes, went outside with a mirror (bright, sunny day) and was shocked at the naturalness of the color. Although the laugh lines, wrinkles, etc. are still there the color is as even as in my youth. I must have a great eye for color in picking the foundation color right off the bat. Or could it be, that your company has more natural colors to choose from! I am 62 years old and have been using foundation for about twenty years. I was blessed with great skin and didn't need to even out color until my forties. I could never find a liquid foundation that looked natural; either shiny and just sat on my skin or too heavy and piled up. Plus I have extremely sensitive skin and had to get my products from a dermatologist. I switched to mineral powder five years ago, and I used Jane Iredale for three years, Bare Minerals and three or four others once, and have been using Mineral Secrets for the past two years. In all that time I was never able to get a color that even came close to natural looking. Ended up mixing two or three colors to get something that still wasn't perfect. Plus, it appears that more companies that started out with a few ingredients are now adding more and more stuff to their powders. Fragrance, vitamins, etc. that end up irritating my skin, and although they are made from natural ingredients, I'm sorry, but I'm allergic to anything citric for starters. For my skin, the fewer the ingredients, the less the chance of allergic reaction. It's been thirty minutes since I applied your powders and no itching or burning! Hallelujah!! Of course, I rushed to the computer, placed an order for what I used and am so glad that I started looking elsewhere and found your web site. Now, I can't wait to start experimenting with the other colors in the samples and see what kind of effects I can create. Am anxious to try Diamond Dust and the color enhancers that received such great reviews. Wow, what possibilities! I ordered on Tuesday and received the sample packs Friday morning. Great customer service too. And need I mention the prices....thanks so much for the discount. A budding loyal customer, Lorrie
Testimonial By: Lorrie

I am wearing makeup again Thursday 17 April, 2008
Hi De, I was sceptical about mineral make up, but my sister had bought a sample from you and before she had even tried it, I was already on the web ordering samples from you, I cant believe I didnt discover this earlier,I can't believe I spent the last 20 years of my life, putting that thick traditional foundation on my face. Let me tell you, I am one of those very pale, burns easily, never finds the right shade of foundation or powder, all my life. Always had one of those horrible make up lines. I have oily skin and traditional make up usually starts to seperate at around 2 hours of wearing it I remember 4 years ago on my honeymoon making my husband take me to the nearest drug store to switch my make up because my foundation has suddenly turned a horrible shade of orange. Now I am a stay at home Mom, I don't wear make up all day, I don't put it on more then twice a week, wait wait wait, I DIDN'T, suddenly I find my self obsessed with my minerals, I love to put it on and it makes me feel beautiful, it takes little time, which is great being a Mom of two I never have a line. It doesnt sweat off, it matches my skin perfectly (thanks to your handy charts I immediatly found the perfect combo colors) I can wear it all day and feel confident and beautiful! I am telling every one about Mineral Silk Makeup, its amazing.. thank you for your wonderful site and product, I love you! Sarah Anne
Testimonial By: Sarah Anne

lovley results Monday 14 April, 2008
Lovely results with Mineral Silk. While I have not found my exact foundation match shade yet, I really like how Mineral Silk goes on and stays on. I do like to spritz lightly after applying all mmu/blush/finishing pwd,shadows. I went for the fantastic package for $59.00 which is a "steal". The Diamond Dust is so luscious and I love the Terra Cotta blush too. I got a slew of eye shadow samples and am working my way thru them. I find they do show better if applied wet or over a primer.
Testimonial By: Jane Shelton

Makeup & Skincare is Great Monday 07 April, 2008
Hi De, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy using your foundations and finishing powders. They work well and look natual on my skin. I also enjoy using the spritz. The natural scent is really nice. I look forward to trying your other skin care and would like to see a pore minimizing mask. Thanks, Mary Anne
Testimonial By: Mary Anne

I will never use anything else!! Wednesday 02 April, 2008
I absolutely love this minereal makeup.. The first time I started using mineral makeup was about a year ago. I was out of town and I stopped at a boutique where they sold some. I ran out and I did not want to drive for 3 hrs. just to get some makeup, although I would have. Well, I found this website so I ordered some kits. Not only did I receive them in a timely manner but I also ended up being a regular customer. I love it.. It is wonderful. I will never use anything else, I get compliments all the time. It makes you look natural while giving you the coverup you need at the same time. De--YOU ARE GREAT!! Thanks so much.
Testimonial By: Stacy

Can't wait to try it... Saturday 29 March, 2008
I can't wait to try the mineral foundation and eye shadows - it is nice to finally find products that are safe not only for my skin, but for my whole body! I found out about the safety of your products on the skin deep website. Thank you!
Testimonial By: Leesie

Former Jane Iredale User Thursday 13 March, 2008
De- Just wanted to let you know I think your customer service is very prompt. I was using Jane Iredale for years and your product and service is superior. An excellent makeup is tough to distinguish nowadays. Thank you for making my life much easier. Thanks- Nicole
Testimonial By: Nicole

Awesome Thursday 13 March, 2008
I got my product samples today every thing is gorgeous thank you so much :)
Testimonial By: Hande Aydemir Contact Me
Oscar Worthy Friday 07 March, 2008
I am getting many compliments since I started using your mineral make up. I had used another brand before and it was too drying. Since I am legally blind I have to do it mostly by feel and it's pretty hard to mess it up even under these less than perfect conditions. I believe I told you my daughter helped very much by numbering the jars from 1 to 4 and the order to apply the products. At firstshe did it witha marks a lot pen, but that eventually rubbed off. She fixed that by using a bright nail polish to number the lids. Perhaps this idea would be of help to any of your other clients with sight problems. The best compliment came from a close friend here who was a top make up artist in the movies and television. her library shelves are lined with Oscar's and Emmy's. This week at dinner she said I looked radiant with flawless skin. I told her my secret, but not bad for someone 79. It is also very quick and easy to apply. thought you would like hearing this. I did! Carly
Testimonial By: Carly

Great Product! Wednesday 05 March, 2008
De, I just wanted to let you know how much I aapreciate your product and your super customer service! I found my perfect foundation color with your help. I have very fair skin and I have always had difficulty finding something that actually looks like skin on my face. My friends say I look like I'm not wearing make up, that I just have perfect skin! What could be better than that. I love the blush colors too. They are very rich and not wimpy at all. My two favorite finishing powders are are Diamond Dust and Satin, depending on what's gong on today. Once I got used to the application, I spend less time on my makeup and it looks a lot better. Can't beat that! My boss wears BE and the bismuth doesn't seem to bother her. She turned me on to mineral makeup. But BE is way too expensive and with my sensitive skin, I knew BE wouldn't work, so I started researching and trying samples. Mineral Silk is the best by far. The only thing missing for me is lip balm tinted like the blushes. My lips are too dry to use the blush, even with a clear balm. Thanks for having a wonderful product and did I mention the customer service...it is unsurpassed! Sally Asheville, NC
Testimonial By: Sally Allison
No More Hiding! Friday 29 February, 2008
Hi De, By the way... I have wanted to cut my hair short for some time now but, when you have unpredictable skin it is always handy to have longer hair to hide behind. I found that the Mineral Silk make-up not only does not cause breakouts but, it always gives a nice veil of coverage that makes the skin even and more presentable. Therefore, I cut my hair last week and I love it! Thanks! Heidi - Canada
Testimonial By: Heidi

Fabulous & Affordable! Sunday 24 February, 2008
I first started researching mineral makeup when I was home sick on the couch one day watching the Sheer Cover infomercial. I got online and went to the Sheer Cover website. While I was impressed with their statements, I was discouraged by their prices and by the "automatic monthly shipments" you had to receive in order to purchase their product. But I bought the $29.99 starter kit just to see. While doing further internet research I came across the Mineral Silk website & was blown away by their prices in comparison to Sheer Cover. I was sure it must be an inferior product, but I wanted to compare and find out what the best product for the best value would be. I've since received both shipments and find both products to be equally good. Sheer Cover is a great product, but is in no way better than Mineral Silk - and value wise - Mineral Silk wins hands down. Just compare the prices of the full size kabuki brushes from both companies. Plus they do not rope you into some kind of monthly auto shipment program and Mineral Silk has a much wider and better selection of shades and colors of all products. I guess Sheer Cover has to price their products higher in order to pay for the celebrity endorsements. 100%, no doubt about it, Mineral Silk is my mineral makeup of choice and I will NEVER return to liquid foundation! Mineral Silk does everything it says and more. THANK YOU!
Testimonial By: Stacey

Best Mineral Make-Up Ever!! Monday 18 February, 2008
I just wanted to share my mineral make-up experience. I was a B.E. product user for 4 years and then I started to notice that my skin was dry in patches and itching constantly. I was a little hesitant at first to try another brand of make-up because I thought they all would make my sensitive skin itch. I was absolutely amazed when I tried Mineral Silk!! Not only was the coverage great, there was no itch or burn. I will be a Mineral Silk customer for life! Thanks for such a great product!!
Testimonial By: Kristan Henry

The real deal Sunday 10 February, 2008
De, I cannot believe how perfectly Mineral Silk works. It is magic in a bottle! I have tried other mineral makeup that made all these promises, but failed to follow through. I was not a foundation user to begin with. I had given up on wearing any, because I could never match my shade or find anything to look natural. I am blown away on how georgous Mineral Silk makes my skin look. It is soooo light weight, but covers wonderfully. It doesn't even rub off on clothes, and it matches my hard to match skin. I would recommend this product to anyone, and everyone. I can tell its good for my skin too by the way my skin has been feeling. I will never ever wear any other cosmetics brand again! My husband(who doesn't notice much) commented on how good my skin looks, thats when I new the results were very substantial. Your customer service is also in a class of its own. Thank you so much De, you have a superb product, that is a new scientific breakthrough in my opinion. If you have not tried Mineral Silk, DO IT. This product will go beyond your expectations.
Testimonial By: chaya dieffenbaugher

New Mineral Silk User Thursday 07 February, 2008
I just odered you Mineral Silk Makeup today. Im excited to get it in the mail. I cant wait. I have used other mineral makeup and liked it alot. I picked yours this time for the price and I saved %15. I read the reviews and everyone of them sound GREAT. I hope I get the same outcome. -tiffany
Testimonial By: Tiffany Ralph

Avon Monday 28 January, 2008
De, Thanks for the article on Bismuth. I use your minerals but also purchased Avon minerals from a friend. I could not understand why I was getting a rash under my eyes. The skin under my eyes was very itchy and tight. You described how these other minerals are very coarse and also not pure. I began using your minerals every day. In two days the bumps were gone. You were right on target with your information about the brushes I use and how they scratch the skin. You were also correct that the other minerals do cause my pores to look even larger and more open. Thanks for these wonderful tips. Mary Irene
Testimonial By: Mary Irene

Strayed and tried the store bought cheap brand and am paying for it! Friday 25 January, 2008
I recently strayed away and tried another store bought mineral make-up. The results....My face is broken out everywhere and I just ordered my Mineral Silk!!!! I learned my lesson. Those cheaper or store bought brands are just not the same quality! They are not the right fit for my sensitive skin! And I noticed that they do not wear as long or cover as well. I'm a wearer of Mineral Silk for life! "We are glad you are back Mindy and we want people to know the store brands can be ok for some but, read the labels! They are full of all the same ingredients that there store brand liquid foundations are filled with, they are just in powder form."
Testimonial By: mindy s

Perfect! Wednesday 23 January, 2008
I used "that other brand" for the past year or so & could never figure out why my face would get itchy when it was really hot or humid out. Now I know it's because they use allergy causing ingredients. Yuck! Mineral Silk is fantastic & I am so glad I switched.The coverage even looks better too. I can not say enough good things about your company. Thank you for the wonderful product you offer, and for not testing on animals. Kris
Testimonial By: Kris H.

Great Skin Color Match Monday 14 January, 2008
Hi De, Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this mineral make-up! I have tried several others and I looked cakey and dry. What a difference and such a great blend with my skin tone. Even my husband noticed I looked really extra good...amazing! So I am a convert, thanks to Mom. I will be in touch with more orders as needed and I think my best friend wants some after her new Estee' Lauder runs out. Mary
Testimonial By: Mary

Double Duty Friday 11 January, 2008
Hi De, Okay, here's my helpful hint! What I've learned by playing with the mineral make-up is that I can brush the foundation over my eye lids and this acts as a great base for the eye make-up. It helps to keep the eye make-up on all day and looking fresh! That's just one of the MANY things I love about the mineral make-up! Also, when the powder falls on my eye lashes, it helps the mascara to go on my eyes thicker and appearing longer. I do have to remove just some of the powder from my eye lashes (but not all) because it will get my mascara too clumpy in the tube if I don't. Kelly
Testimonial By: Kelly

Sample Set Friday 16 November, 2007
Hi De, I bought a set of mineral make up for both my daughter and me. At first I wasn't ready to pitch my current foundation -- I don't know why. I wore the mineral make up and received several compliments that I looked really good that day. Out with the old foundation! My daughter has very sensitive skin, eczema and breakouts and she loves it. She is not much of a make up wearer, but loves Mineral Silk. We love your product and are hooked. One more thing, we found out about your product from Jennifer and Klean Bath and Body. She plugged it on her website. Regards, Karen
Testimonial By: Karen

Unbelievable Shipping Time Tuesday 06 November, 2007
Good afternoon. I Came home from work to find a package on my stoop. The package says USPS but I believe something different is afoot. Perhaps you have someone standing by on horseback waiting to gallop packages to new customers. I can imagine workers standing in a line waiting for a bell, "delivery" is shouted and here comes someone down a shoot grabbing the order and flying it overhead and dropping it on the doorstep! Seriously, your website touted excellent customer service, but this is ridiculous! Never in my life have I ever, ever received an order so quickly. I can't wait to get started testing my new makeup and deciding on a perfect color for myself and being able to become a loyal, repeat customer. I will certainly recommend your business to each and every person I pass on the street. I am thinking of making a sandwich sign. Thanks again! Most sincerely, Patricia T. A Loyal customer since "Today"!
Testimonial By: Patricia

New Corrector - Suck It Up Saturday 03 November, 2007
I have to say that the new corrector, Suck It Up, is amazing. It actually does control the oil and shine. Thanks De for a great product. I just started using Mineral Silk and I love it.
Testimonial By: Deborah Priest

Customer for Life Friday 19 October, 2007
Hi De, I can't be more pleased with my mineral make up, I will never use liquid or creams again. Thanks for making a truly healthy makeup for skin. Eleanor, SC
Testimonial By: Eleanor Rainey

Customer Service Friday 12 October, 2007
Thank You De, You are amazing. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful service. I will not bother you again until my next order. You have a customer forever. Maureen - ONTARIO, CANADA
Testimonial By: Maureen

Brush Alternatives Friday 12 October, 2007
I have sensitive skin and have tried all forms of Mineral makeup. Along this journey I discovered Bismuth is a strong irritant as well as most brushes. But, with Mineralsilk and a sponge, I can enjoy the benefits of Mineral makeup without additional redness, burning or itching. And, my dry skin looks fresh and supple. Thanks De. A loyal customer for life, Angela
Testimonial By: Angela

Magnificent Monday 01 October, 2007
Mineral Silk is one of the very few products that is not infested with chemicals, it's light as can be and it doesn't disturb my overly sensitive skin. I have never worn foundation because I break out and I never liked the look. With the samples though, I thought I'd give it a shot. What a magnificent product, I don't even realize I am wearing it. I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin in all my life. The samples system takes all the risk out of it, you get generous portions so you can really test the product out. De does it I'm sure because she knows that once you try MineralSilk it will sell itself. The quality is exceptional, the coverage is indetectable and De's only objective is to make sure you're happy with everything. It actually heals whatever breakouts you have, but I must say I haven't had any eruptions since I started using MineralSilk. I don't think it's a coincidence. I just reordered regular sizes and have forwarded the website to my friends. Many thanks De for such a wonderful product.
Testimonial By: Audrey

Bare Minerals User for 5 Years Switched to Mineral Silk! Monday 24 September, 2007
Hi De!! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the sample pack I received! The colors are great and the coverage is fabulous! I was a 5 year Bare Escentuals customer and I decided to do some research about mineral make-up. I knew that there had to be other companies out there other than BE. I came across your website after a Google search and what a great find your company has been! I have read every one of the testimonials and it was amazing to find other women who experienced the same things I did with BE, i.e., itchy skin, dry patches, etc. I have the "Irish" complexion (reddish-brown hair, green eyes and fair skin) and the Cashmere foundation is perfect. It tones down my pink undertones, something that Bare Escentuals couldn't do. I was going to order samples from other companies to compare but after only two days of wearing your product, I am sold! No need to research further. I will be placing a full order soon. Once again, thank you so much. I wish I had found your products sooner!!
Testimonial By: Kristan

Smoother than Bare Minerals Wednesday 25 July, 2007
I just received my order yesterday and was so pleased with the packaging and samples(yes, the samples were included!). Your product does indeed seem softer and smoother in application than Bare Minerals, and so far, I'm quite impressed. When I saw the blush, I wasn't quite sure if it was going to work right on my skin (and I'm not a big fan of shimmer), but it looks amazing! Simply love the finishing powder! I'm looking forward to trying more of your products! About the foundation color... I tried the soft rose foundation yesterday evening. It works alright, but after using the cashmere this morning, it definitely seems that it does a lot more for my skin tone. The soft rose almost seems to bring out the pink/red in my skin, whereas the cashmere tones it down, brightens my complexion and just really evens it out... I was truly very, very impressed with the cashmere... And, I can't believe that you have more than 1 shade that works for fair skin (I'm accustomed to having just one choice!). The reviews that I've read about your company are certainly NOT exaggerations... Your prices are beyond competitive with the popular mineral make-up brands, and your customer service and attention to detail are unique and have definitely won me over! Thanks again! Rachel
Testimonial By: Rachel

Real Silk Powder Wednesday 04 July, 2007
Hi De, just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you how thrilled I am with the Pure Real Silk powder (which arrived with your usual lightning fast shipping :). My skin, although sensitve and very dry right after bathing, becomes oily within a couple of hours -- imagine my surprise and delight when the silk powder prevented the usual shiny breathrough - even in July! Thanks a million, Heather B.
Testimonial By: Heather

Your product is the best! Thursday 05 April, 2007
Both of my daughters and I ordered mineral silk about a year and a half ago. All three of us have different skin tones and types and we were all completely pleased. My oldest daughter used the makeup when pregnant and was relieved not to put excess chemicals into her body. Recently, I tried Loreal's new product and my skin reacted badly and broke out. My youngest daughter tried a different product also and was not pleased either. So we are all back and do not plan to switch again. Molly
Testimonial By: Melanie Ball

EX - Bare Minerals User Tuesday 27 March, 2007
Hello, I received my minerals yesterday and immediately tried them out (as I had been out of my Bare Minerals for a few days and everyone thought I had a fever because of how red my face was). Wow..I really love these minerals! I had been using Bare Minerals for a few years as it was the only makeup I could find that would cover my rosacea. I had to stop using liquid foundation years ago because the sunscreen made my skin sting really bad...not to mention what it did for my acne. The Bare Minerals made my skin sting a little but it was something I got used to. Plus my cheeks/rosacea area seemed to be very dry on the Bare Minerals. I haven't had that reaction to Mineral Silk. And I love the green concealer! Clinique used to make a green concealer years ago but they discontinued it. It was the only thing that would neutralize the red in my cheeks. I am even wearing blush for the first time in about 20 years! I love the diamond dust finishing powder, but I may need more of a matte finish for the T-zone area......so I'll be back to order a full size green concealer and the finishing powder in a couple weeks. I have to tell you.......I did extensive research when I decided to switch from Bare Minerals. I came across so many mineral sites but yours was the only one that I found that I felt would work with my skin. Very glad that I decided to purchase!!! My skin looks and feels great on day 2 of Mineral Silk usage! VERY HAPPY!!! Thanks. Annette
Testimonial By: Annette

Great Products Monday 26 March, 2007
Hi De, I am loving the products I recently bought, in particular SUN SHIMMER (gives a healthy-looking,light sun-touched look that doesn't scream "Fake Tan", great for my fair coloring). SATIN (great for toning down the pink of rosacea and matte-fying unwanted shine). DIAMOND DUST (I got many compliments on having glowing, healthy looking skin) and REAL SILK POWDER (I use this under foundation to tone down unwanted color and shine, then dust it over foundation to give a soft, finished look). I mix and match according to the situation and desired effect. Great products that don't make me itch, break out or look greasy. Keep up the good work. I'm already ordering again....DB
Testimonial By: Diane

Pregnant and blemished! Tuesday 06 March, 2007
Im pregnant with my first child and I have finally found a company that backs up their product and pledges not to use chemicals that can cause birth defects. I have spent my 25 years of life with out acne. Sure I had the occasional pimple, but never more than that. However, I have sensitive skin and am allergic to almost everything and during my first trimester the combination of sensitive skin and hormones produced acne for the first time in my life. I could not wear make-up until I found Mineral Silk. After a week of use of your product my skin began to clear up and it has never looked so flawless and it actually is flawless. I don't even get the occasional pimple. I have realized now that my other make-up was working against my sensitive skin. Your product almost seems to nourish it. Thank you for making such a great product for people like me with sensitive skin and allergies. And most of all, thank you for backing up your product and providing pregnant women with a product they can use and feel safe. Mindy
Testimonial By: mindy schipp

Former Bare Minerals User Friday 23 February, 2007
Hi De, I am a former BE user and new Mineral Silk user. I would like to order the complete face package, but I am not sure of which concealer to order. I ordered the sample yellow concealer and love the way it covers my dark circles, however I end up having very white undereyes. I have tried a couple of days and am not over applying. Can you please make a recommendation for another concealor color that I can maybe mix with the yellow? I want to thank you for providing this makeup and not charging the outrageous prices that I was paying. I also want to give you MANY thanks for having such an array of foundation colors. I know that mineral makeup is very forgiving, but I was never able to find a color that was perfect on my face. I don't know if you have ever heard of this before, but I am very olive complected, but I wear a much lighter foundation than you would think. I have had professional makeovers that had me walking out looking ridiculous because the makeup applied was way too dark. For those of use between porcelain and medium, I thank you. Cashmere seems to be the best for me, but I am still playing with my samples. And just one more thank you, the samples are the best idea since lipgloss! I appreciate any pointers you can provide. Thanks, KATHI
Testimonial By: kathi

Less Redness Thursday 15 February, 2007
I wanted to let you know that I love the Mineral Silks collection I purchased. I can't even tell I have makeup on it is so light and comfortable. My face even seems to be getting less red in areas that always had red marks and I have only been using the products for less than two weeks. The colors are great and I love the Peachy Keen blush! I think I would like to check out some eye colors next! I am for ...all natura...l for everything in my life, thanks for making my skin healthier! Jeri, MN
Testimonial By: Jeri

Customer Service Saturday 10 February, 2007
That is perhaps the best customer service I've received EVER!!!! I'm very impressed. Your response is VERY helpful and my order was mailed in less than a day... WAY COOL!!! Can't wait to try it. Thanks, Jodi
Testimonial By: Jodi

Great Blush Friday 09 February, 2007
Thank- you so much for your help. The Terra Cotta Blush is perfect. I love you stuff, cuz it looks so natural, and yet has a finished look. Best look/makeup I've ever had. Cyndi
Testimonial By: Cyndi

Glowing Skin Monday 29 January, 2007
Hi De, I received my order, and I must say everything is just wonderful! The eye colors are beautiful, and everything else just makes my skin so radiant. I'm already getting compliments on how my skin glows - and it really does. Thanks so much. I truly appreciate everything. Heather
Testimonial By: Heather

Need New Makeup Line Monday 22 January, 2007
De, I am looking forward to trying this product. I am 53 years old and just need something new. I read a lot of the testimonials and hope it works as well for me. I am hoping this product is better than bare essentials as I tried that a few years back and as one of your other customers indicated I too had a problem with it making my face itch. I tried twice and could not take it. So I am giving yours a try in hopes that I can use the product and cut time applying makeup. I use all of the "philosophy" cleaning and aging products so I am also hoping that your makeup works well with philosophy. I am lucky that I do have good skin "genetics"..(my Mother is 83 years old and is just now showing a few wrinkles)but do have freckles and some small age spots. I am really excited at the prospect of a lighter natural looking product. Although, I was worried about my color choices...I wasn't really sure how to go about choosing. I am somewhat fair so I tried to read about the different product descriptions & then my selection was just on a wing and a prayer. I use different make-ups to complete my look Este Lauder-Foundation & powder, Christian Dior-Blush, Bobbi Brown-eye shadows, and Mac-lipsticks. Do you know how wonderful it would be to have everything of one kind? I do have one question at present. I was wondering if I get all the brushes I need to start with? I was not sure if a foundation brush was included as I read the description of the brushes it didn't seem that it was. If not could you please advise on the brush I need to purchase. Maybe one more question... do you think I chose my products correctly for my skin type (somewhat fair skin (burn easily), light freckles, some light age spots)? If not please suggest for future orders. Sorry for the long email...I was just amazed at the excellent customer service and decided to respond. Sincerely, Sharon
Testimonial By: Sharon

Concealer and Site are Great! Monday 22 January, 2007
Caramel foundation is a little light and will be very much too light in the warmer weather. I am causcian with yellow undertones, and really tend to "absorb" colors. Lots of make up has been darker then I would have guessed, but it works The pomegrante blush is much too pink, I prefer a tan, copper, healthy color--skin kiss, but not pink! What should I get to make these work for me? I do plan to get the bronzer!! i love your website, it is user friendly and helpful. The makeup is great. I have horrible sinus "bags" under my eyes--they can be almost black and blue when the sinuses act up. The conceler is awesome! And doesn't look like makeup (if you know what I mean). The finish is great, It looks complete, "polished" and natural. Thank you for being here. cyndi
Testimonial By: Cyndi

Samples Saturday 23 December, 2006
Dear De, I received my first order and I absolutly love it, I was blessed with good skin and so I never had the need to use make up in the past besides some eye liner and eye shadow and some lip gloss or lipstick but as I started to get older and going through changes in life my skin started developing some changes as well, got some redness and also a small brown spot on my face and lets not forget a red spot right on the tip of my nose, I tried some of those liquid foundations but made my face look as if I had a mask, either they were to light or to dark and could never get the right color either then I saw a commercial on tv about the bare minerals and decided to try them and I did, was disapointed when the color was not the right color and I had spent all that money for something that didn't look right on me then I stummble on to your website and saw you sell samples, needless to say I order them and I love them I can try and see what's right for me and my needs and the service and attention that you give is excellent I am delighted I found your site, Thanks for such awesome product and service You can bet I'll be back and that I will let everyone I know about your site and your products!!! God Bless and Merry Christmas!Gloria
Testimonial By: Gloria

Eye shadows Sunday 19 November, 2006
De did my transaction very quickly, efficiently and in a very friendly manner, she is a great person to deal with...And I received the eye shadows very quickly, even though they were shipped alll the way from the States! They are beautiful! The colours really do have an amazing effect! Thank you so much! Claude - London
Testimonial By: claude Pechabadens

Diamond Dust Wednesday 15 November, 2006
First, I want to say how much I LOVE your makeup! I just started using the Diamond Dust and what a nice glow.....then I tried it on the bony brow just under the eyebrow arch as part of my eye makeup routine.....WOW. Since I have deep set eyes it really makes them pop. I just blend it under the bony area into the rest of my eye color. Thanks for all the great tips. It makes this line of Makeup Personal Sharon
Testimonial By: Sharon

Minerals for Women of Color Thursday 12 October, 2006
Hi De, I've been using my foundation since the day I recieved it and I must tell you I absolutely love it. As a woman of color it is difficult to find a shade to match my skintone as it is both red and yellow. Since I've been using it I have had many people tell me how great my skin looks and it is all thanks to Mineral Silk. I've been telling all my friends how great this product is. I threw away all my high end foundation and will use this from now on. Thank you so much, Nneke
Testimonial By: Nneke

Minerals Work Tuesday 26 September, 2006
De, I wanted to thank you for this wonderful make-up!!! You are right... it doesn't rub off on clothes! I tried!! It feels marvelous on my face, for hours! Even tears have a hard time streaking my face! Since using the green concealer, the redness in my face has declined (just like you said it would)! Thank you for living up to your promises!! Chrystal Capps
Testimonial By: Chrystal

Excellence at it's best Sunday 20 August, 2006
First off, I am 38 years old and have been in customer service/management for the last 20 years and I can not even begin to tell you how refreshing it is to do business with De. The customer service of this company is OUTSTANDING...I emailed her because I couldn't decide on the right foundation shade, so she offered to customize a sample pack for me based on the info I shared with her. I never expected that to happen and cannot wait for the product to arrive, nor can I wait to place my first full order. I am very animal friendly and this is exactly the type of product I have been searching for! Thanks De for all your help! Candace in Kansas City
Testimonial By: Candace

Get the Red Out Concealer Thursday 15 June, 2006
Hi De! I have been meaning to write for a while, and I want to tell you that I LOVE this makeup!! I have very sensitive skin and have tried different makeup from cover girl, neutrogena, lancome, clinique..and I have to say that this has actually healed my skin. I have had horrible acne for the past 9 years and out of all the products I've used, Get The Red Out soothes my skin and doesn't dry it out. Most acne creams dry me out to the point my skin will get itchy and flake and this is just amazing! I have no irritation and it soothes my skin. I'm just so relieved that this product is out there. I now have only an ocassional menstral breakout, and even then I don't scar now because I use Get the Red out and it's great. Thank You soooo much! I really wish I had known about this sooner, but I can promise I will return for more great products. As a matter of fact I am getting ready to try Burts Bees on Skin Yummies. Thank You!!! :) Stacey
Testimonial By: Stacey

Finally Something That Works! Wednesday 14 June, 2006
I have very oily skin and other foundations simply rub off on anything I touch or worse, clog my pore. I'm so thrilled with the foundation and matte primer. THANK YOU!
Testimonial By: Dawn

Natural Looking Tuesday 13 June, 2006
Hi De, I just wanted to let you know, I think I have mastered putting on my make-up & I really do love it. It looks so natural, I can hardly believe I finally found a make up that doesn't look like I plastered it all over my face. Thank you for taking so much time working with me & showing me how to apply it. Fondly, Karen P.
Testimonial By: Karen

Natural Makeup Thursday 08 June, 2006
Dear De, Thanks for your help with my many questions over the past few months about natural makeup and products. I know we (my husband and I) can not buy the best food out there, but we sure can use natural body care products. And since I learned you now offer Mineral makeup with concealers to even colorful eye shadows, I will be buying products from you! I recently looked at what a brand name store blush and lip color contains and was surprised and frightened by how many things are used. That and how many I had no idea what they are, or what they do. Thank you for such informative articles, and showing comments from buyers. Sometimes the comments from others are what influence what full size product I might invest in. ~Bethanee J.O. Couch
Testimonial By: Bethanee

Buying Experience Fantastic Thursday 08 June, 2006
De, The products are wonderful on their own, but you have made the buying experience fantastic.Thank you! Connie-Washington
Testimonial By: Connie-Washington

Merle Norman Comparison Thursday 08 June, 2006
I just received your products, and they are better than expected. Our tradition in our family is when us girls turn 21 we are taken to Merle Norman and fully treated. I've always bought Merle Norman, but I'm so impressed by your products! Believe me, I've tried all those expensive products. We'll I better go now, it's back to playing with the makeup. Bonnie :) Texas
Testimonial By: Bonnie-Texas

New Brush and Samples Thursday 08 June, 2006
Hi De, I got to thinking about it and maybe the brush I am using is too harsh for my skin. It is a retractable brush, but I got it at Walmart so I am sure the quality isn't great. Yes, the Soft Rose seems to work best. I am going to your site to order a brush and maybe some samples. Thanks for your help! You're terrific. This is the best service ever! Sue
Testimonial By: Sue, MN

Customer Satisfaction Thursday 08 June, 2006
Hi De, Thanks for all of the information. And I appreciate you sending the extra brush. I ordered the retractable because I often am putting my makeup on at the gym after a shower and it just fits better in my bag. I want you to know how much I appreciate your excellent customer service. I really am impressed with the time you take to be sure your customers are completely satisfied! Looking forward to my package! Sue
Testimonial By: Sue, MN

Great Tips Thursday 08 June, 2006
Hi De, I just received my package and the colors we picked I just right! Thanks for customizing my order, you were a great help. I would also like to thank you for all the great tips. I will contact you if I have any questions. Many thanks, Leticia
Testimonial By: Leticia

Generous Samples Thursday 08 June, 2006
De, Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the samples I received yesterday. Very generous for the price...they'll last a long time and the colors are great. I'll definitely be ordering the full size products and I am now curious about your mineral foundation..will be trying it soon....thanks! April - Washington
Testimonial By: April

Customer Service Thursday 08 June, 2006
Wow -- I can't wait! So far I'm completely impressed with your service; I've never had such great online customer service before. When I realized I didn't mark what color I wanted I thought for sure it was going to delay my order a few days...but it didn't even delay it a few minutes!! Thanks for you help and quick attention! Lindsay - Washington
Testimonial By: Lindsay

Excellent Customer Service Thursday 08 June, 2006
De, I absolutely have comments to share! I have NEVER in all my years of on-line shopping, been serviced so fully and completely from start to finish so quickly. The web page was easy to navigate, the order confirmation process was a breeze, the number given on-line to call for order verification got me to a person on the first ring who answered my question efficiently and pleasantly. I recv'd 2 more emails verifying my order was to be shipped same day. All in all from the time I logged on to buy, and the time I was sent confirmation of my products being shipped out, was approx 3 hours. Unbelievable. Many companies could take a lesson from this type of perfect service. I am so happy to have these types of products readily available at my fingertips at such a reasonable price. It makes it much easier to lead the type of "pure", animal friendly lifestyle I prefer. Thank you Lauren - Wisconson
Testimonial By: lauren

Customer service Thursday 08 June, 2006
De, I really like the makeup AND your customer service is wonderfull! Christine - Florida
Testimonial By: Christine

Bronzers work great for Fair Skin Thursday 08 June, 2006
I ordered your bronzer recently and LOVED it; I have fair skin and this is the first time I've found one that I can use and that I like. In fact I showed it to a friend and the next day she order it too because she loved it so much! I can't wait to try the samples I've just ordered - I love your products and the great customer service I've received!! Thank You! Lindsay - Washington
Testimonial By: Lindsay

Glowing! Thursday 08 June, 2006
Ladies listen up! I received samples from De and put the minerals on before "Girl...s Night Out". My friends asked me if, I had just been with a man, because my skin was glowing! Wow, what a compliment and trust me it was just the Mineralsilk not a man! De goes above and beyond, and her customer service is incredible! I will be telling as many women as I can about this wonderful product and service! Thank you De! Have fun ladies playing with your new Mineralsilk makeup!! Christy from MN
Testimonial By: Christy

Everyone in the Office is Using it! Thursday 08 June, 2006
We love your stuff - I have all the girls in the office trying it!! Quick shipping too - I'm sure we will end up getting (1) of everything!! Brenda - California
Testimonial By: Brenda

No Makeup on my clothes Thursday 08 June, 2006
De, Mineral Makup is the best thing that is ever happend to me. It is so easy to use and looks so natural. Another feature I like is it doesnt rub off on your clothes
Testimonial By: Pat - MN

Bare Minerals Comparison Thursday 08 June, 2006
I was a user of Bare Minerals, but I have been won over by Mineral Silk! I didn't realize there would be such a big difference between different lines of mineral make up, but there is. Mineral Silk feels much softer and silkier on my face and my skin feels better. I had a problem with Bare Minerals eye shadow causing some itching and irritating my eyelids to the point I developed dry patches on my eyelids. I discontinued using the eye shadows and tried again after my eyes felt better, but I had the same irritation. I recently switched to Mineral Silk and I cannot say enough good things about this line of mineral makeup or their customer service. De was very helpful and answered my many many questions. Because of her customer service I have continued to order from her and will continue doing so. Oh, and if you haven't already tried them you must check out their Bursts Bees Lip Shimmers at skinyummies.com, they are wonderful! Love the color! MaryJane Rose
Testimonial By: Bare Minerals Comparison

No Allergies Friday 05 May, 2006
Just to let you know how pleased I was with the quick delivery of my order. I love the products. I'm learning to mix things to get a different look, and it is so easy. Oh, and no allergic reaction, what a blessing. Thank you. Sincerely, J S Dreistadt
Testimonial By: J.S.

Loving Everything Monday 01 May, 2006
I am LOVING your products; I can't stop ordering!! This make-up makes my skin feel so heathly! Thanks for everything! Lindsay
Testimonial By: Lindsay

Tuesday 28 March, 2006
Thank you for the sterling customer service, it is really a delight, and your service is really remarkable. Thank you for that ! Bless You ! Sheila - California
Testimonial By: Sheila
Tuesday 28 March, 2006
DeAnna is friendly and offers Champagne Customer Care Service :) Leslee - Victoria, B.C. CANADA
Testimonial By: Leslee

Saturday 25 March, 2006
You customer services continues to amaze me! THANK YOU Carol - Utah
Testimonial By: Carol

Friday 24 February, 2006
De, Your quick replies and good customer service is a refreshing change! I have already recommended you to my two closest girl friends! I'm anxious to try your product. Carol - Utah
Testimonial By: Carol

Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, I cant wait to get more stuff. Again I'm really pleased with the products - and thanks for the occasional emails. Sincerely-Angela in Germany
Testimonial By: Angela - Germany

Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, Thank you for all the time you spent with me and helping me find the perfect Mineral Makeup Face color! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to apply this foundation at home by myself once I left your place. But you were right just a couple more days of practice and I have it down to a science. My skin feels and looks so much better I can't believe it. I threw away all those other foundations as soon as I got home. My Mom thought I was crazy, she was with me when I bought the other ones and knows how much I spent on them. But once she looked at my face and DID NOT see the scar that has caused me so much embarassment all my life, she totally understood! Thank You so Much for helping me, know I have to learn to keep my hands off my face because what I was trying to hide is already hidden by some Minerals! Thank You-Thank You-Thank You:) By the way my Mom wants to try some foundation! Shannon- MN
Testimonial By: Shannon - MN

Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, I love the mineral makeup I ordered last time, hope I like the shadows as much! Tammy-Utah
Testimonial By: Tammy - Utah

Thursday 08 September, 2005
Hi De- My samples arrived yesterday. I am so happy with my new toys. I tried the Mineral Foundation today with a bronzer and I look pretty good for 59 years old. My skin feels good too. Judith
Testimonial By: Judith

Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, I can truely say I have never been so completly satisfied with the products I have purchased. To know they aren't full of chemicals and work so great is simply a wonderful thing. Being 49 years old I have tried to many different brands and was never in my life so impressed! Keep up the excellent work and products you have a buyer for life. By the way, do you have any eye liners or mascara available, and how about shampoo? Thanks Again. Lydia
Testimonial By: Lydia

Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, Thanks for checking on how my products are working. I am really loving this makeup. I have always hated trying to spread liquid foundation and match the color to my skin, but this makeup I love! I have already turned a friend on to it and your website. Thanks, Mikie
Testimonial By: Mikie

Thursday 08 September, 2005
Hi De, I have only had my Mineral samples for 2 days, but wanted to write about how much I am loving them! I had tried thick concealers, heavy foundations and nearly half the store brands in WalMart. But nothing compares to these! I tried the 'bye-bye under eyes' first because I have some dark color to them, and due to allergies they are slightly puffy. Amazing! Your powder is so soft, and after warming to my skin it is nearly invisible. It looks like, well, I am wearing no make-up for my under eyes, and I look a little brighter thanks to that! I tried the 'get the red out' green concealer, and that works wonders. I have a few red-ish blemishes from breakouts that are clearing up. This concealer is just the right shade, and doesn't appear 'green' at all on my skin. I have already recommended your samples of Mineral makeup to my best friend. I told her how she can even sign up for a news letter, and once she has the time (she is a busy nurse) she is going to check out your site and your products. So that is my little (but not so short letter of ) thanks to you for a great makeup product that I am sticking with for a long time! No joke, once I use up these samples its up to the full size ones for me! One grateful and happy customer~ Bethanee J.O. Couch
Testimonial By: Bethanee

Articles Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, Thanks for an article on 'safe' tan's. So many ladies (including my Mom) were the bake-in-the-sun-with-baby oil, tanners. Now she has that dark rather damaged looking skin, and is just now starting to try and repair it with regualr cleansing, gentle scrubs and sunblock higher then SPF8! And for those of us who are younger, we now know better, and now everyone has a chance to do 'at-home' tans. Thanks again for providing so much more then just 'selling products' but informing us customers about them (and so much more) on your site. ~One happy reader, Bethanee J.O. Couch
Testimonial By: Bethanee

Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, I wanted to thank you for my free sample of mineral makeup foundation. I put on the makeup, got in my non-air-conditioned car with the windows down, and drove 2 1/2 hours in 97 degree heat, straight to the ocean. Even after all that sweat and wind and a quick dip in the water, my makeup still looked beautiful. The olive eyeshadow IS perfect for brown eyes. I didn't notice the makeup as much as I noticed how much attention was drawn to my eyes. This stuff is terrific. After having to deal with theater grease paint on a regular basis, I hated heavy makeup. I had given up on finding every day makeup that didn't make my skin worse or didn't feel a lot like the grease paint. I can't feel mineral makeup on my face, but I can see the difference in the quality of my skin. Thanks for all your help! Blythe - Greenville, North Carolina
Testimonial By: Blythe - NC

Happy Customer Thursday 08 September, 2005
De, I would just like to let you know that I have researched, Lord knows how many, web sites trying to educate myself on the topic of Mineral Makeup, and when I ran across your website (actually by accident), I knew I didn't have to look any further. I have also emailed inquiries to other websites and still have received no response. I was truly ecstatic to receive your email and to receive one so prompt is phenomenal. We have chatted as if we have been neighbors for years and you can rest assured that my first purchase of Mineral makeup will be with you. You are a joy and a delight and I am sure if more people knew you were out there, you would be their first choice! Thanks again, Artice Smith - North Charleston, South Carolina
Testimonial By: Artice Smith